At MORICON Mystery Shopper, our passion for the industry drives us forward. We assist rental operators by testing standards to help improve their performance, audit by audit. We believe that a great customer experience starts as soon as you begin the search for a new home. 

The tangible elements of customer service, such as “delivery-as-promised”, aren’t too difficult to measure. It’s the intangible elements which are more tricky – but it’s these which are most important to your customers.

  • Think like your customers:
  • How does the service they received compare with the service they expected?
  • How much do they trust you and your product?
  • How does your customer service compare with that of your competitors?
  • How much loyalty do they feel towards you due to their last transaction?
  • How much do they feel valued as a customer?
  • How does the prospective tenant perceive being treated as a person?


Definition of MORICON Mystery Shopping:

  • A MORICON Mystery Shopper is someone hired to pose as a potential customer and report on the quality of service they receive and how well the viewing experience was curated for them – from booking to viewing.
  • The MORICON Mystery Shopper tests a specific process: how easy is it to book and view an apartment by asking specific questions.
  • Our MORICON Mystery Shoppers may check on any aspect of the customer experience, from arrival at the marketing suite to the actual presentation of the unit.

Did you know?

What percentage of agents do not follow up after a viewing?
Moricon Mystery shopper


In nearly 65% of all tested properties, no courtesy contact call or email was received!

Did you know?

How often is a courtesy call or email sent out before a viewing?
Moricon Mystery shopper


OVER 40% of all tested properties did not follow-up at all!

Did you know?

How long does a typical viewing take - from greeting to saying goodbye?
Moricon Mystery shopper


The average viewing time is between 15min and 30min per property, with an average of 18 min.

Choose Your Best Plan


Light touch

Please contact us

4 audits within five weeks
Use of standard audit template


Straight forward

Please contact us

Minimum 12 audits
Annual or bi-annual timing
Use of standard audit template


Comprehensive Package

Please contact us

minimum 20 audits
Multi Property audits
24 months programme
Minimum customisation


Completely tailored approach

Please contact us

minimum 30 audits
Customised template
Multi Property audits
Trend and comparison reporting
minimum 24 month programme

Company Information: MORICON Mystery Shopper trades under MORICON Consultants Ltd.

Registered Office: Kemp House, 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

Company Reg : 11282307     VAT Reg: 293304896

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