How leading operators and landlords reap the 10 benefits of Mystery Shopping

The hotel industry has been using this incredible straightforward process for decades to ensure that hotel teams follow the standards, understand procedures, and avoid costly service delivery mistakes.

What could be better than getting first-hand information on your business’s performance from the people that are your customers? With a mystery shopping programme, you take control of the vital customer and brand experience and enable your team to stay ahead of market trends to deliver the best results.

Let’s look at the benefits of a mystery shopping programme for your organisation and its impact on the customer journey.

Typically, the audit process has the most impact during your customers’ consideration and decision-making phase. During the awareness phase, potential customers get familiar with your brand and learn about your product.

Having done all the research, your potential customers become prospective customers, as they want to engage directly with your team and product: they come for a viewing. They hope to match their expectations with a positive experience, and based on a successful visit, they move into the decision phase and sign a contract.

In this phase are many critical touchpoints to turn prospective customers into paying clients supporting your brand – or away should you get them wrong.

So, what are the benefits of such a programme, you ask?

Firstly, it increases your team’s efficiency: you frequently get the big picture of customer interaction and based on the findings, you can finetune processes to improve them.

Furthermore, it helps your fact-finding and experience improvement activities to get feedback and reliable information on what you think is a smooth process.

You like to know how your sales team performs – not on paper, but live: Do they sell passively or aggressively? Are they in tune with the customers? Do they care? Do they possess the proper knowledge?

How is your building maintained? How does your lobby reflect on the customer? Sometimes we are professionally blinkered to minor defects – but the building itself is your calling card for good management and brand operations.

You want to test the functionality of implemented processes and standards – just because they have been implemented doesn’t mean they are helpful. When was the last time you took a tour of your building?

Good results can be a great motivational tool for your team – celebrate high scores and good comments, bringing the customer experience closer to them.

The 10 best benefits of mystery shopping

Mirror, mirror on the wall…An audit makes your team aware of what is essential in serving your customers, don’t take a blind eye to be in your customer’s shoes.

Results allow you to benchmark internally, across your company, to share and improve. Competitively, by studying your competitors’ practices and results, you can gain a competitive edge. Strategically, if you compare yourself with world-class organisations and use the inspiration to move your business to the next level.

A frequent audit programme allows you to train your team in a new way: with nearly real-time information, you can course-correct and improve much faster and more agile than waiting for a standard training block delivered once or twice a year.

Lastly, think about your customers! With constant improvement and reviews, you make your brand understood; you match the customer’s expectations of your brand, rewarding you with loyalty and retention.

Think of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels – the only two-time winner of the Malcolm Baldridge Award of Quality in the service industry: The award cemented Ritz-Carlton’s business as an eminent service organisation, not only internally by increasing revenues considerably but also externally as a benchmark for exemplary services.

Contact us today to discuss how you can reap the 10 benefits of mystery shopping for your customers and your team! Let the team of MORICON Mystery Shoppers provide you with unbiased data to make the right decisions!

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