Why CX should be at the core of ESG strategies in real estate? 

A recent seminar held by RealService/GRESB and hosted by Canary Wharf Group put the spotlight on the issues and opportunities of ESG in our sector.

This article explores how landlords in the build-to-rent sector can harness ESG principles during apartment viewings, focusing on creating sustainable communities. Additionally, we delve into the role of mystery shopping in refining the presentation of these four principles.

In the dynamic real estate landscape, the build-to-rent (BTR) sector has gained significant traction, providing a unique opportunity for landlords and operators to pioneer sustainable living. As the demand for environmentally conscious living spaces continues to rise, incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into build-to-rent apartment viewings becomes both a responsible choice and a strategic one. 


Here are four areas for your lettings team to impress prospective customers. Subtly done and in an informative yet casual way, will convey the essence of your brand message:

1. Sustainable Construction and Design

Build-to-rent properties have the advantage of being purpose-built, allowing for the intentional integration of sustainable construction and design elements. During apartment viewings, landlords can highlight features such as energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly building materials, and innovative design that maximises natural light and ventilation. Emphasising these aspects not only showcases a commitment to environmental sustainability but also enhances the overall living experience for tenants.

Audits can be instrumental in evaluating how effectively sustainable construction and design messages are communicated during viewings. Feedback can reveal whether potential tenants perceive and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the property’s construction and design choices.

2. Community Well-being and Social Connectivity

Build-to-rent developments often prioritise creating communities rather than just individual living spaces. Apartment viewings allow the brand to showcase communal areas, recreational spaces, and social initiatives contributing to community well-being. Landlords can emphasise social connectivity by highlighting events, communal gardens, or shared workspaces within the development.

Mystery Shopping can assess the effectiveness of conveying a sense of community well-being during viewings. Evaluators can provide insights into whether the communal aspects resonate with potential tenants and if they perceive the property as a place that fosters social connectivity.

3. Smart Technology Integration

The build-to-rent sector is well-positioned to integrate smart technology solutions that enhance sustainability and convenience. Landlords can showcase features such as smart thermostats, energy-efficient lighting systems, and digital amenities that contribute to a more sustainable and tech-savvy living environment. These elements not only align with ESG principles but also appeal to the preferences of modern tenants.

As before, listening to the letting agent’s sale pitch can evaluate how clearly information about intelligent technology integration is communicated during apartment viewings. Feedback can reveal whether potential tenants see the value in these technological features and whether they perceive them as contributing to a more sustainable and efficient lifestyle.

4. Sustainable Transportation and Accessibility

Build-to-rent developments often prioritise convenient locations with access to public transportation, reducing the reliance on private vehicles. Landlords can highlight proximity to transit hubs, bike-sharing facilities, or walking-friendly amenities during apartment viewings. Emphasising sustainable transportation options aligns with ESG principles and appeals to tenants prioritising eco-friendly commuting.

Mystery Shopping can assess the effectiveness of communicating sustainable transportation options during viewings and subtly highlight the various advantages. Evaluators can provide feedback on whether potential tenants perceive the accessibility and transportation features as integral to the property’s commitment to sustainability.


In the build-to-rent sector, incorporating ESG principles into apartment viewings is not just about showcasing individual units; it’s about creating sustainable communities that resonate with the values of modern tenants. By highlighting sustainable construction, community well-being, smart technology integration, and transportation accessibility, landlords and operators in the build-to-rent space can set a new standard for responsible living.

Mystery Shopping becomes a valuable tool in refining the presentation of these principles, ensuring that potential tenants see the value and feel inspired to be a part of a community that prioritises sustainability in every aspect of daily living. As the build-to-rent sector evolves further, embracing ESG principles during apartment viewings becomes a cornerstone in shaping the future of sustainable and thriving communities.

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